Huángshān, Yellow Mountain

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One man's first vision of Huangshan in 2001:

“Yesterday I slogged up 黃山 Huangshan from foot of the cablecar in a complete whiteout. Dense mist all the way up and on top at 北海 Beihai, North Sea, I had to feel my way along. But this morning broke on a crystal clear day. 九華山 Jiuhuashan, Nine Dragon Mountain, soared on the horizon to the north and 盧山 Lushan could be seen to the west. Walking alone on the Xihai, West Sea, trail I met no one all morning. I marveled at the jutting peaks as the bright sun warmed my back. Suddenly from my right, about 10 meters distant, a dazzling golden vision swept in view. It was a two foot long feathered creature with brilliant golden plumeage, glistening metallic blue wings, vermilion belly and radiant green tail spotted with black. Silently it swooped low over the trail before me. I stopped dead in my tracks in shocked wonder as this apparition glided over the slate gray rocky massifs of Huangshan. I could have reached out and touched him had I anticipated his coming!

For a few seconds, which seemed like an eternity, I marveled at this gaudy creature. Then just before it plunged behind a twisted green pine he dipped his wings to me! Immediately knew! It was old Li Bo reincarnated! Who else would select such an improbably gaudy showy feathered outfit to announce his presence? For the remainder of the day I walked in a trance.

Later I located a book on birds of China and found the feathered form Li Bo borrowed. a golden pheasant. But Li Bo flew him at an elevation far higher than normal for the species.” Dongbo

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