Shénnǔfēng (Wūshān)

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Aspiring pinacle of 神女峰 Shennufeng, Sorceress Peak in the Sanxia, Three Gorges in Chongqing. Every wonder why conjugal love is associated with Shennufeng (Wushan) ? Clearly this is a phallic peak!

This peak has been known for its erotic connotations since early times when the King of Chu (329-299 B.C.) had a dream in which a ravishing woman came to his bed and slept with him. At dawn she left, telling him she was the goddess of Wushan and lived in the mist and rain. From this time, until today, mist and rain are the tags for love. Having climbed Wushan, we can understand why the goddess may have preferred the warmth of a king's bed to her rocky perch on Wushan. There is no place for a bed on the pinacle of Wushan. The steep climb is probably shorter now that the dam has been completed, but still well worth the effort.

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