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峴山 Xianshan,overlooks the Han River, to the south of the city of Xiangyang. Unfortunately, 峴山 Xiànshān has become a quarry, a dusty skeleton of the mountain it was in the time of 孟浩然 Meng Haoran the Tang poet who lived most of his life around here. And Li Bo passed here on one of his trips up or down the river.

There is an old story connected with this mountain. During the 晉 Jin Dynasty 265-420, Yang Hu, a govenor of this district, climbed Xianshan to view the Han River and have a picnic. In the midst of the revelry he turned to his friends and remarked "that this mountain has stood here since the beginning of time and many famous men have climbed it. They are now gone and forgotton and soon we shall also vanish from the world". Then he shed tears. Later a tablet was erected here and it was this tablet that Li Bo found.

Today a quarry has gutted the peak of Xianshan. Next to the shack in this photo is a dust caked tablet which may be the Teardop Tablet.

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