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Henmingshan, on the eastern flank of the Qingchengshan in Sichuan Province was the home mountain and temple location for Celestial Master Zhang Daoling 34?-156?, the founder of religious Daoism. He set up a Daoist commune state in Sichuan which was known as the Five Pecks of Rice because to join one had to donate this amount.

He promised longevity and physical immortality, but, unlike other Daosits he stressed the importance of religious organization, and the need to remain in this world to help others, a practice similar to the Buddhist Bodhisattva tradition. Zhang Daoling, his son, and his grandson are known as the Three Zhangs. The Daodejing was his basic text.

鶴鳴山道教名山勝地. 亦作鵠鳴山. 蒼松滿布,翠柏森森,雙澗環抱,形如展翅欲飛的玄鶴,故名. 據史書記載:東漢順帝時,張道陵客 學道于鶴鳴山. 于山間創立了五斗米道,從此鶴鳴山遂漸成為道教聖地. 唐末道士杜光庭、宋初道士陳摶、明代道士等許多名道都曾先後幽居於此修道傳教. 山中宮觀相傳始建于漢晉之際,宋代曾經重建,元、明、清三代又相續增修。今道教建築主要有迎仙橋、送仙橋、三官廟、解元亭、文昌宮、待鶴軒、聽鶴亭、太清宮、老君殿、迎仙閣、八卦臺等。山上名勝眾多,古跡遍布.


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