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Photo of Madurai train station.

Tamil Nadu's second largest city in the heart of Hindu south India. Madurai's famous Sri Meenakishi Temple's gopurams shoot skyward in the center of the city. The temple is the focal point for most visitors to Madurai whether Indian worshippers or foreign tourists.

"During the interval between trains, when the platform became quiet, there was nothing more pleasing then picking up a bundle of assorted books and lounging in my seat and reading, occasionally breaking off to watch through the doorway the immense tamarind tree in the field. I read stuff that interested me, bored me, baffled me, and dozed off in my seat. I read stuff that pricked up a noble thought, a philosophy that appealed, I gazed at pictures of old temples and ruins and new buildings and battleships, and soldiers, and pretty girls around whom my thoughts lingered. I learned much from scrap." The Guide by R. K. Narayan

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