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Luzhi Town is an ancient canal town about 25 east of Suzhou. By the end of the 6th century B.C. the Wu Kings built their Palace here. In the 4th century A.D. it became a trading post thanks to convenient waterborne transport. There's a port, called Zhi, leading to 6 different places. For this reason, it was renamed Luzhi (Lu sounds similar to* 6 in Chinese), a name which is still used today. With a network of waterways leading to Lake Tai and numerous other lakes such as Lake Jincheng and Lake Wanqian, the township of Luzhi was laid out by the water in the shape of "L", crisscrossed by the Dongshi and Nanshi Canals. Luzhi used to have over 72 bridges, 42 of which have survived to the present day.

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