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This restaurant, with two branches in Kunming, serves the Kunming speciality 過橋米線 Guoqiao Mixian, Over The Bridge Noodles. The basic noodles come in a variety of flavors and are delicious! One serving consists of a bowl of hot noodles, a large bowl of soup stock (chicken or beef), and a number of small dishes of meat, vegetables, and a raw quail egg. Prices range from Yuan 10 to Yuan 280.

The name for this dish comes from a local legend:

There was a young scholar studying for the jinshi exams. Seeking solitude he crossed the bridge to an island where he could concentrate in solitude and silence. Every day his wife would prepare a lunch for him that she carried to him each noontime. Because of the distance the meal of hot noodles was already cold when she arrived at the island. She discovered that if she floated a thin film of oil on the noodles that this oil kept the heat in and the noodles were still hot after being carried over the bridge to the island. Later he successfully passed the exams and told everyone that he owed his success to the Guoqiao Mixian.

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