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Headwaters Poet's Inn, also known as 撒嬌詩院 Sājiǎo Shīyuàn or Spoiled Baby College.

In the old town of Zhongdian we noticed a few signs or this interestingly named Inn, Headwaters Poet's Inn. Deep in the town, beyond the hilltop temlple and massive electronically turning prayer wheel, we came on a large old Tibetan building, clean and gentrified, with bookcases of Chinese books on poetry and history lining the lobby.

It is owned by two Shanghaiese writers, 田勇 Tian Yong, a novelist and 默默 Momo, a poet. The building was the home of a former ruler, who perhaps lost his property and life before or during the cultural revolution. Presently Momo is in Shanghai, but Tian Yong greeted us warmly, invited us to dinner and offered us their large suite for 100 kuai per night; it normally rents for 480 kuai! We enjoyed dinner and drinks with Tian Yong and some of his friends, both Han and Tibetan.

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