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Above 珠玉山 Hon Ngoc Hill is the *Hue Quang Pagoda , also called To Pagoda, the tomb of Tran Nhan Tong. Set in a cluster of pagodas it is a 10 meter tall six story stone structure. Its pedestal is carved in multi-level waves. On the top of the pedestal is a 102 pedal lotus blossom supporting the pyramidal body of the pagoda. A lotus bud graces the top of the pagoda. It is thought that the pedestal dates from the Tran Dynasty.

On the second level of the pagoda is a nitch with a white stone statue of Tran Nhan Tong draped in a gown with the right shoulder bare. It is .65 meter tall. Could date from the Tran or perhaps the 15th century, no one knows.

Enclosing the pagoda is a two meter high square brick wall. The top of the wall is covered by slipper toe-cap shaped tiels of the Tran period. The complex of Pagoda and wall is called the Quy Duc Mausoleum. By the foot of the pagoda are 84 square bricks with raised patterns of chrysanthemum, charactersitic of Tran dynasty design. Scattered around the Quy Duc Mausoleum are 44 additional pagodas.

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