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Fengjie County has a long history of 2000 years. During the Western Zhou Dynasty, it was called "Kui Guo"; "Kuifu" State during the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 B.C.); "Yufu County" and "Kuizhou Prefecture" during the Qin Dynasty (221- 207 B.C.), but became known as Fengjie after the Tang Dynasty (618-907 B C.). It is famous as a city where many of China's greatest poets commemorated their visits with verses. A thatched cottage temple, built here to commemorate the Tang-Dynasty poet Du Fu (712-770. BC.), was recently demolished as the new dam was built.

The movie 三峽好人 Sanxia Haoren directed by Zhang Kejia, was shot on location in Fengjie during the time the old town was being demolished to make way for the flood caused by the Gezhouba Dam. It is a poignant story of life's renewal amid the ruins. It is the nearest thing to having been there oneself, and for those of us who were there it brings back the sounds and sights that still linger in our minds.

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