Iolani Palace

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Queen Liliuokalani, the last Hawaiian ruler of the Hawaiian Islands was deposed and arrested in 1895 and imprisoned in one room of her palace for one year before being released.Her kingdom was annexed by the United States.

Music is Ua Like No A Like, performed by the Kalama Quartet recorded in 1927. Mike Hanapi - tenor and falsetto voice, steel guitar; William Kalama - tenor voice, ukulele; Bob Nawahine - bass voice, harp-guitar; Dave Kaleipua Munson - baritone voice, guitar; Bob Matsu - voice and steel guitar.

The Kalama Quartet performed some of the most beautiful Hawaiian music ever recorded. They were one of the few groups to ever use two acoustic steel guitars. Their haunting four-part singing is a fine example of Hawaiian Blues. It is a music of longing for a lost culture and lost independence.

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