Qiánlíngshān Shengquán

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The search for this spring on the back side of Qianlingshan turned into quite an outing. Up and over Qianlingshan and along the Qianlinghu, which becomes a small creek until it reached a dam with another lake above it. Along the way asking directions and getting many responses; 'don't know', 'never heaard of it', 'this way', 'that way' and finally from an old couple, 'which Shengquan, there are several of them'! Stumbled on one spot with pipes protruding from the embankment which may be a spring in the wet season, but now dry in late February. However, by the side of the Qianlinghu is a tea house named Shengquan, so we know that somewhere nearby there must have been a spring by this name.

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