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Located in the northwest corner of Jiangsu, Xuzhou was once a strategic city, the home of LiuBang, the founder of the Han Dynasty. But time and the changing course of the Huanghe have taken their toll and today, although historically rich, it is a bit of a backwater. Su Shi was prefect here for four years from 1066 and is remembered fondly and with pride.

Xuzhou even puts itself down in this Ode To Xuzhou, which we found in a brochure in the Hua yuan Hotel, one of Xuzhou's oldest hotels. At various times guests as diverse as Zhou Enlai and George Marshall have stayed here.


Xuzhou was one of the nine states under the rule of Emperor Yu of the Xia Dynasty( 21 century B.C.) when he was in charge of the regulation of rivers and watercourses. At that time Xuzhou was the name for a wide area, while Pengcheng was the name of the central town.

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Xuzhou 徐州
Liú Bāng 256-195 B C 劉邦
Qiánlóng Huángdì 1711-1791 乾隆皇帝
Sū Shì (1036-1101) 蘇軾
Hagurosan 羽黑山
Jiǔlǐshān 九里山
Yúnlóngshān 雲龍山
Báiyúnsì Jiǔlǐshān 白雲寺 九里山
Dàshìyán 大士岩
Qiánlóngxíngguān 乾隆行官
Xìnghuàsì 興化寺
Jiāngsū 江蘇
Xúzhōu 徐州