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Present structures mostly constructed by Emperor Gia Long in 1805, on the site of the old Thang Long Citadel. This area today is a military post and is mostly not open to the public.

Vietnam plans to restore the ruins of ancient Thang Long imperial city in central Hanoi dating back to the seventh century with help from Japan and the UN cultural organisation. Work is expected to start in 2008 to preserve the old citadel ahead of the capital's 1,000th birthday in 2010.

Remains of the ancient citadel and relics from five feudal dynasties were first discovered in 2002 during excavation work to build a new national assembly in the centre of the capital, putting construction on hold. Archeologists discovered millions of priceless artefacts from the city once known as Thang Long (Ascending Dragon), including terracotta figures of dragons and phoenix heads, ceramics, canons, swords and coins.

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