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賈島泃 Jiadaogou, Jiadao Gulch, is in the town of 周口店 Zhoukoudian, the home of 'Peking Man' (now called by the Chinese 'Ape Man'). A picturesque green gultch rises into the foothills of 房山 Fangshan 60km SW of Beijing City. Named for the Tang Dynasty Buddhist poet 賈島 Jia Dao who became a monk in a temple here named the 無相寺 Wuxiangsi, changed later to the 賈島庵 Jiadaoan.

Today, June 11, 2006, to reach the Jiadaogou one must drive up a rocky road only suitable for the large dump trucks filled with coal that trundle out of the gultch. The road ends at a mountain of coal cascading down the hillside. Here a small pleasant path leads into the gorge. A half hour hike brings one to a couple of small springs, one pictured here. On the way, on the right are the ruins of the Jiadaoan, where Jiadao became a monk.

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