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The Shidao is the ancient stone path leading from the dock on the 邕江 Yongjiang to the 水月庵 Shuiyuean near the top of 青秀山 Qingxiushan. I discovered it by chance when I found that the present entrance to the Shuiyuean is from the rear of the temple. Passing through the temple one exits the main gate onto a grassy garden. At the far right corner of the garden is a stone marker for the Shidao. It is a delightful walk down the moss covered stone steps to the Yongjiang riverside. The end, or rather the beginning of the Shidao, is now blocked with a brick wall and one must climb through barbed wire to reach the dock on the riverside.

On the way down are some stone incriptions and the 董泉 Dong Spring where you can enjoy a cool drink of spring water, straight from the dragon's mouth!

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