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Once you've seen one pagoda, you've seen them all. This was the way I used to think about pagodas. But then I saw some stunning pagodas, like the Iron Pagoda in Kaifeng, and climbed up in many of them, and now I find pagodas attractive with each its own personality. This Leaning Pagoda on a tiny island in the middle of the Zuojiang outside the otherwise uninteresting town of Chongzuo, is China's only known leaning temple, at least the only one known to me.

A boatman and his wife make their living by ferrying occasional visitors back and forth on their small sampan. The pagoda can be climbed, but only by thin people, for the passage way to the top is very narrow. Today in early July, 2006 it is the home to numerous hornets that thankfully ignore visitors.

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