Resting at My Open Window

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五乳峰 Wurufeng Five Breast Peaks, above the 五乳寺 Wurusi, Lushan

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Resting at My Open Window
        Hanshan Deqing

Resting at my open window I gaze out at the mountains
A thousand peaks of blue and purple rise above the pines
Without a thought or care white clouds come and go
So utterly accepting.... so totally relaxed
Juàn Yǐ Xū Chuāng
Juàn yǐ xū chuāng zuò kàn shān
Qiān fēng zǐ cuì chū sōng jiān
Wú xīn zòng xǔ yún lái wǎng
Hé sì rúrú tǐ gèng xián
Translator: Red Pine-Bill Porter 赤松

From The Clouds Should Know Me By Now, a book of poems by Buddhist poet monks of China, edited by Red Pine and Mike O'Connor, Wisdom Publications.

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