Rose Rose I love You

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Rose Rose I love You
******Chen Gexin
Rose, Rose, So stunning!
Rose, Rose, So ravishing!
You open in late summer on tip of a branch,
Rose, Rose, I love you!

Rose, Rose, You touch me deeply,
Rose, Rose, My love is true.
You opens in late summer beside the thorns,
Rose, Rose, I love you!

I pledge my heart, my tender love,
Your pure brilliance radiates the whole world.
I pledge my heart, my tender love,
Your pure radiance illuminates the world. 

Rose, Rose, So stunning!
Rose, Rose, So ravishing!
Opens in late summer on tip of a branch,
Rose, Rose, I love you!

Rose, Rose, Your limbs so slender,
Rose, Rose, your thorns so sharp.
Today stormy rains may ravage you,
Bruising yourlimbs and graceful body.

Rose, Rose, Your heart is hard.
Rose, Rose, your thorns are sharp.
In future stormy rains may ravage you,
May crush your mellow fruit.
Meigui Meigui Wo Ai Ni
méigui méigui zuì jiāoměi,
méigui méigui zuì yànlì
chángxià kāi zài zhītóu shàng;
méigui méigui wǒ ài nǐ.

méigui méigui qíngyì zhòng;
méigui méigui qíngyì nóng.
chángxià kāi zài jīngjí lǐ;
méigui méigui wǒ ài nǐ

xīn de shìyuē xīn de qíngyì
shèngjié de guānghuī zhào dàdì
xīn de shìyuē xīn de qíngyì
shèngjié de guānghuī zhào dàdì

méigui méigui zuì jiāoměi
méigui méigui zuì yànlì
chángxià kāi zài zhītóu shàng;
méigui méigui wǒ ài nǐ

méigui méigui zhī ér xì
méigui méigui cìr ér ruì
jīnzhāo fēngyǔ lái cuīcán
shāng le nènzhī zhī jiāo ruǐ

méigui méigui xīn'ér jiān
méigui méigui cìr jiān
láirì fēngyǔ lái cuīcán
huǐ bùliǎo kāi dì zhī liánlǐ
Translator: Dongbo 東波


This song was and is hugely popular in China, everybody knows it. Composed by Chen Gexin, it is the only Chinese pop song that to have made a hit in the West. By some strange twist of fate, which I have yet to track down, Frankie Lane recorded this song as 'Rose, Rose, I Love You' in English but the lyrics were changed to become a farewell lovesong in Mayaya! Here are Frankie's lyrics:

Rose, Rose, I Love You

Rose, Rose, I love you! With an aching heart,
What is your future, now we have to part.
Standing on the jetty as the steamer moves away,
Flower of Malaya I cannot stay.

Make way, Make way, for my Eastern Rose, 
Many thousand dozens, everywhere she goes.
In a rickshaw or on a street, or in a cabaret,
Please make way for Rose, you can hear them say.

All my love I shall remember,
Oriental music and you in my arms.
Perfume flowers in your tresses,
Lotus and the breezes and swaying palms.

Rose, Rose, I love you, with your almond eyes,
Fragrant and slender under tropical skies.
I must cross the seas again, and never see you more,
Way back to my home on a distant shore.

Rose, Rose, I leave you, my ship is in the bay,
Kiss me farewell now, there's nothing more to say.
East is East and West is West,our worlds are far apart,
I must leave yiu but I leave my heart.

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