Fall Day Floating On West Lake

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Evening sun on 杭州西湖 Hangzhou's West Lake

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Fall Day Floating On West Lake
*****Lin Pu

Mountain reflections mingle with water's breath;
Autumn makes a boundless sky.
Delighted to see temples in the deep forest,
The shore is silent, hate to move my boat.
Sparce reeds snap in the cold,
Remnant glow of red gathers the evening,
My cottage, where is it?
Returning, a fisherman's song rises.
Qiūrì XīHú Xián Fàn
Shuǐqì bài shānyǐng;
Cāngmáng yǐ zuò qiū.
Lín shēn xǐ jiàn sì,
Ànjìng xī yí zhōu.
Shū wěi xiān hán zhé,
Cánhóng dài xī shōu,
Wú lú zài héchù?
Guī xīngqǐ yú ōu.
Translator: Dongbo 東波

"To the question “of what use are the humanities?”, the only honest answer is none whatsoever. And it is an answer that brings honor to its subject. Justification, after all, confers value on an activity from a perspective outside its performance. An activity that cannot be justified is an activity that refuses to regard itself as instrumental to some larger good. The humanities are their own good. There is nothing more to say..."

Stanley Fish, fish.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/01/06/will-the-humanities-save-us/?scp=1&sq=stanley+fish-+think+again+humanities

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