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Visit Chongzhen Temple's South Pavilion
Yu Xuanji 843-868

Misty peaks everywhere fine spring sprouts,
Fine brush strokes come from a skillful hand.
I hate myself!
         This silk dress that conceals my poems!
Raise my head in envy to view the posted names.  
Yóu Chóngzhēnguān Nánlóu
Yún fēng mǎnmù fàngchūn qíng,
Lìlì yíngōu zhǐ xià shēng.
Zìhèn luóyī yǎn shījù,
Jǔtóu kōng xiàn bǎng zhōng míng.
Translator: Dongbo 東波

As a woman, and without a formal education, it was impossible for Yu Xuanji to take the Imperial examinations. What is striking is that she became educated enough to realize her lack of human rights. An extrodinary woman making the best of a difficult life, and being strong enough to leave us a record.

We have not located the site of the 崇真觀 Chóngzhēnguān, but know it was in Changan. The photo is of the 臥龍寺 Wolongsi in Xian.

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