Su Xiaoxiao

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View of Su Xiaoxiao's tomb by Xiling Bridge, West Lake

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Su Xiaoxiao
        Li He

Secluded orchid dew
        like weaping eyes.
of one mind....
        a floating life 
                you could not 
                        bear to leave.
Grass your bed
        pines your roof.
Wind your clothes
        water your adornment.
Oil polished carriages
        always by you.
Cool emerald candles
        glow brightly.
Below the west hills
        wind blown rain.�
Sū Xiǎoxiǎo Sānshǒu
Lǐ Hè

Yōulán lù rú tíkū,
Wú wù jié tóngxīn.
Yānhuā bù kān jiǎn,
Cǎo rú yīn sōng rú gài.
Fēng wèi shāng shuǐ wèi pèi,
Yóu bì chē jiǔ xiāng dé.
Líng cuì zhú láo guāng cǎi,
Xī líng xià fēng chuī yǔ.
Translator: Dongbo 東波

Su Xiaoxiao was the most beautiful courtesan and street walker in Hangzhou in the Southern Qi Dynasty 479 - 502 in the period known as the Six Dynasties. She was a poet herself and made love under the willow trees by Xilin Bridge. It is said that she died at the age of 19 in the full beauty of her youth. It is right that her memorial tomb is by this same bridge. Many poems have been written about her beauty and she is still remembered to day, 1,500 years later, as the most beautiful woman who ever walked the paths by West Lake..

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