Bamboo Branch Song (1)

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Fishing village at foot of Laoshan, Qingdao

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Bamboo Branch Song (1)
        Ni Zan 1301-1374

By the East Sea is a crazy man,
Who acts disorderly and perverse.
Slaps black ink on walls,
        brushes on rough silk  
                 and mulberry paper,
Surely this madman is me!
Zhúzhī Gē
Ní Zàn 1301-1374

Dōnghǎi yǒu bìngfū,
Zì yún Miào qiě yū.
Shūbì xiě juàn chǔ,
Qǐ qí kuáng zhī yú.
Translator: Dongbo 東波

"Translation is both necessary and necessarily flawed. It is necessary because we want a clear rendition of a text from a foreign language. It is necessarily flawed because so much of the original has no equivalent-or only an approximate equivalent-in the language of translation"

From Zhaoming Qian's introduction to Ezra Pound and China, U of Michigan Press

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