Mawei Slope

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Yang Guifei's voluptuous tomb

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Mawei Slope
        Zheng Tian 823-882

Xuanzong returned to Mawei
        where his concubine
                was strangled on a willow tree,
Hard to forget his passion
        with every new day and month.
Yet if it had not been
        for his decision,
Another emperor
        would have lept
                into the palace well!
Zhèng Tián 823-882

Xuánzōng huí Mǎ yáng fēi sǐ,
Yúnyǔ nánwàng rí yuè xīn.
Zhōng shì Shèngmíng Tiānzǐ shì,
Jǐng yáng gōng jǐng yòu hérén.
Translator: Dongbo 東波

Fleeing from the An Lushan rebellion, Emperor Xuanzong stopped at Mawei Slope, west of Changan. There his palace guards revolted and forced him to allow them to hang his beloved concubine Yang guifei on a willow tree.

The reference to another emperor is to Emperor Chen in 589, who was also notorious for his licentious and immoral behavior. when attacking Sui troops entered the capital Emperor Chen hid in a Jingyang Palace well with two of his lady friends.

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