Resplendent, Resplendent are the Blossoms

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Resplendent, Resplendent are the Blossoms
        Book of Songs

Resplendent, resplendent are the blossoms,
On those high plateaus and low marshes.
How numerous are the envoy and his suite,
Ever anxious lest they should not succeed.

My horses are all young,
My horses are all piebald,
The six reins are like silk.
I gallop them and urge them on,
Everywhere seeking information 
and plans from the wise and virtuous.

My horses are white and black-maned,
The six reins look glossy.
I gallop them and urge them on,
Everywhere inquiring what is appropriate 
from the wise and virtuous.

My horses are all gray,
The six reins are steady.
I gallop them and urge them on,
Everywhere seeking information 
and suggestions from the wise and virtuous.

Huánghuáng Zhě Huá

Huánghuáng zhě huá,
Yú bǐ yuánxí.
Shēnshēn zhēngfū,
Měi huái mí jí.

Wǒ mǎ wéi jū,
Liù pèi rú rú.
Zàichí zàiqū,
Zhōu yuán zīzōu.

Wǒ mǎ wéi luò,
Liù pèi wò ruò.
Zàichí zàiqū,
Zhōu yuán zī dù.

Wǒ mǎ wéi yīn,
Liù pèi jì jūn.
Zàichí zàiqū,
Zhōu yuán zīxún.

Translator: Liam Kelley 翻譯者

"In the vastness of landed east asia, envoys, traveling on official missions for their lords and emperors, are an ancient tradition. This poem written sometime between 840 to 621 BC is the earliest to mention envoys. Many centuries later, Vietnamese envoys to the courts of China in Peking, knew this verse well as a guide considered themselves to be part of this hallowed tradition." Please refer to the translations of Liam Kelley from his book Beyond The Bronze Pillars, some of which are displayed here on MountainSongs.

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