Saying Goodbye on the Yi River

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Saying Goodbye on the Yi River
Luo Binwang 640-684

Here when Yan Dan said goodbye
A hero raised his hat with his courage
The men of the past are gone
But the water is still cold today
Yìshuǐ Sòng Bié
Luò Bīnwáng 640-684

Cǐ dì bié Yān Dān,
Zhuàngshì fà chōng guān.
Xīshí rén yǐ mò,
Jīnrì shuǐ yóu hán.
Translator: Red Pine-Bill Porter 赤松

From the book Poems of the Masters, China's Classic Anthology of Tang and Song Dynasty verse. One of the best, if not "the best", books of general translations of Chinese poetry. Wonderfully detailed notes on each poem and all poems are displayed in the original Chinese.

Translated by Red Pine, published by Copper Canyon Press.

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