North Mountain

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North Mountain
Wang Anshi 1021-1086

North mountai sends down green flooding the embankment
The city moat and crescent lake shimmer in the light
Counting every falling petal I forget the time
Searching for sweet-smelling plants I return home late
Wáng Ānshí 1021-1086

Běishān shū lǜ zhǎng héng pí,
Zhí qiàn huí tánɡ yàn yàn shí.
Xì shǔ luò huā yīn zuò jiǔ,
Huǎn xún fāngcǎo dé guī chí.
Translator: Red Pine-Bill Porter 赤松

From the book Poems of the Masters, China's Classic Anthology of Tang and Song Dynasty verse. One of the best, if not "the best", books of general translations of Chinese poetry. Wonderfully detailed notes on each poem and all poems are displayed in the original Chinese.

Translated by Red Pine, published by Copper Canyon Press.

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