The Night of Sorrow

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Sorrow inside...

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The Night of Sorrow
Li Bai 701-762

A lovely woman rolls up
The delicate bamboo blind.
She sits deep within,
Twitching her moth eyebrows.
Who may it be
That grieves her heart?
On her face one sees
Only the wet traces of tears.
Yuàn Qíng
Lǐ Bái 701-762

Měirén juǎn zhū lián,
Shēn zuò cù éméi.
Dàn jiàn lèi hén shī,
Bù zhī xīn hèn shuí.
Translator: Shigeyoshi Obata 小畑薰良

From the book The Works of Li Po, first published in Tokyo, Japan in 1935, Excellent English translations by a Japanese scholar.

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