Entering Jingxi County Jail

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Entering Jingxi County Jail
        Ho Chi Minh 1890-1969 

In prison old inmates welcome the new,
Skies clear, clouds pursue rain.
Fine rain floats in clouds, then disolves,
In prison live free men
Rù Jìngxīxiàn Yù
Hú Zhìmíng 1890-1969

Yù zhōng jiù fàn yíng xīn fàn,
Tiānshàng qíng yún zhú yǔyún.
Qíng yǔ fū yūn fēiqùle,
Yù zhōng liúzhù zìyóurén.
Translator: Dongbo 東波

Ho Chi Minh spent time in a number of prisons in China and Vietnam as the guest of the Chinese Guomindang and the French in IndoChina. The Jingxi County Jail was in the town by the same name in the southwest corner of China's Guangxi Province, just to the north of Vietnam. This photo was taken from the Longxiangta in Nanning, not far away. The river is the Yongjiang.

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