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Wang Wei, his nickname Mojie, from the popular Buddhist saint Vimalakirti 維摩詰 Weimojie, was a native of Taiyuan in Shanxi. He was a poet musician and painter. He is particularly known for his Ballad of the Peach Blossom
Spring, a narrative poem about a long lost Shangrila.

A devout Buddhist, he spent much time in semi-retirement on Songshan, Henan and at his villa at Wangchuan in the Zhongnanshan south of Changan, present day Xian. He was a noted painter and his poems are remarkably visual. It was the Northern Song poet Su Shi who wrote, 'In his poetry there is painting and in his painting there is poetry'.

Like Tao Qian before him Wang wrote about the quiet pleasures of living in nature, but his poems are even more hermitic.

Autumn Dusk in the Mountains 山居秋暝
Bamboo Grove Retreat 竹里館
Birdsong Gulley 鳥鳴澗
Calling-Bird Brook 鳥鳴澗
Distant View of Han River 漢江臨眺
Fall Evening Music 秋夜曲
Far South Mountain 終南山
Far South Mountain Villa 終南別業
Farewell 送別
Floating On The Han River 漢江臨泛
Mountain Pass Farewell 山中送別
My Far South Mountain Villa 終南別業
On Double-Ninth Missing My Brothers East of Mountains 九月九日懷山東兄弟
On Returning to Song Mountain 歸嵩山作
On The Han River Flood 漢江臨泛
Passing Xiangji Temple 過香積寺
Reply To Zhang Wudi 答張五弟諲
Return To Songshan 歸嵩山作
Seeing off Yuan'er on a Mission to Anxi 送元二使安西
Seeing Someone Off 送別
Sending Off (1) 送別 (1)
Sending Off (2) 送別 (2)
Sending Yuan the Second Off To Anxi 送元二使安西
So Long to My Villa on the Wangchuan 別輞川別業
The Bamboo Groves 竹裏館
The Zhongnan Mountains 終南山
To Subprefect Chang 酬張少府
Visiting Temple of Accumulated Fragrance 過香積寺
Weeping For Meng Haoran 哭孟浩然
White Stone Shoal 白石灘
Written at My Wang River Retreat after a Steady Rain 積雨輞川莊作

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