Hánshān (Tang)

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Little is known of dates* and biographical data on Han Shan. It is thought that he lived during the early Tang Dynasty in and around Tiantaishan in Zhejiang. About 40 km east of Tiantaishan is a cliff named Hanyan with a large cave where he is said to have lived. The Guoqinsi at the foot of Tiantaishan is the site of some of his poems. He cavorted there with his buddy 豐干 Fenggan.

* For our purposes we have selected the date 700 to locate him on our TimeMap.

A Good Place To Settle 欲得安身處
Asking The Way To Cold Mountain 人問寒山道
Can't Stand These Bird-Songs 鳥弄情不堪
Clambering Up Cold Mountain Path 登陡寒山道
Clear Spring Water 泉水清
Climbing Up the Cold Mountain 登寒山道
Cold Mountain Is A House 寒山有一宅
Divining A Home 我卜居
Drifting Boat 不繫舟
Frigid Mountains 山太冷
Hiding Out At Cold Mountain 一自遁寒山
How Many Autumns? 幾秋?
Me Crazy? 我瘋顛?
Most Tiantai Men 多少天台人
My First Thirty Years 出生三十年
Naked Bug On Cold Mountain 寒山有裸蟲
Ridiculous Cold Mountain Road 可笑寒山道
Ridiculous Cold Mountain Road 可笑寒山道
Rough and Dark--Cold Mountain Trail 杳杳寒山道
Settled At Cold Mountain 居寒山
Thirty Long Years 淹留三十年

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