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Wang Zhihuan, a native of Pingzhou in Shanxi was noted for his quatrains, jue ju, of which 涼州詞 Liangzhou Ci is one of his most famous. He wrote many frontier poems but only six have survived until today.
Many Chinese poems became very popular and were sung by the accomplished singing girls of the day.

It is said that one day, when Wang was drinking with his friends Wang Zhanglin and Gaoshi, that singing girls sang the verses of these two but not of Wang Zhihuan. They chided him his lack of popularity. Wang responded saying they must wait until the most lovely of the girls sang. To their chagrin she sang his verse and we like to think it was the Liangzhou Blues 涼州詞!

Climbing White Stork Tower 登鸛雀樓
Frontier City 出塞
Liangzhou Blues #1 涼州詞 #1

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