Cén Shēn 715-770

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Cen Shen, born into a poor family in Nanyang, Henan, passed the jinshi exam in 749 and accepted a position with General Gao Xianzhi in Central Asia. He spent the next ten years of his life in what is now Xinjiang. After returning to Changan he was posted to Sichuan where he remained until he died. His poetry is heroic in style and describes the stark conditions on the far western frontier.

Cen Shen 岑參 715-770 High Tang
Spent his youth at 嵩山 Song Mountain near 洛陽 Luoyang
Passed Qinshi in 744
744-748 Office of Crown Prince's bodyguard
749 Accompanied General Gāo Xiānzhī 高仙芝 to Kuche to Gāo's disasterous
defeat in Battle of Talas.
751 returned to 長安 Changan
752 Joined Gao Shi, Du Fu, Chu Kuangxi and Xue Chu in a visit to 慈恩寺
Cíēnsì, Temple of Loving Compassion in Changan where the group composed
poems celebrating the 大雁塔 Dàyàntǎ, Great Wild Goose Pagoda of the
famous temple.
754 Returned to Central Asia with General Feng Changqing 封常清
757 Returned, after the An Lushan rebellion, to the Emperor Su Zong's
temporary court in 風翔 Fēngxiáng, where appointed to position thanks to his
friend 杜甫 Du Fu
??? Demoted to Guozhou ?? in Henan.
762 Recalled to capital
765-6 Appointed Prefect of Jiazhou 嘉洲 in 四川 Sichuan
768 Started home but cut off by another local rebellion.
770 Died in 成都 Chengdu


Climbing Ciensi Pagoda with Gao She and Xue Du 與高適薛據登慈恩寺浮圖
Iron Gate Pass 題鐵門關樓
Listening to the Monkeys and Thinking of the Old Cottage on the Er Shi Peaks 峨眉聽猿懷二室舊廬
On Climbing Zongchi Pagoda 登總持閣
Thinking of My Home in Chang'an 行軍九日思長安故園

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