Xīn Qìjí (Jiàxuān) 1140-1207

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Xin Qiji 1140-1207 was born in the Jinan, Shandong, under the Jin (Jurchen) Dynasty. He hated the Jin invaders of China, and at the age of 21 organized an uprising against the Jin' thereafter moving to the south to serve the Chinese Southern Song. He was a master tactician, soldier and ardent royalist. In 1181 he retired to 上饶 Shangrao, in Jiangxi Province, where he continued to compose the lyrics (Ci) that have made him revered until today.

Xin was the most prolific writer of ci in the Song, 626 examples having been preserved together with approximately 120 shi and a small number of prose works. He is credited with revitalizing the ci genre and with broadening its range.

Works available in English:
Irving Lo, Hsin Ch'i-chi. New York: Twayne Publishers, 1971.

Last Night of Spring Festival 元夕 青玉案
Line Written on Wall of Donghu Village 念奴嬌
Staying Alone at Wang’s Home, in Mount Bo 清平樂
To The Tune Saphire Jade Plate 元夕青玉案
Ugly Slave 醜奴兒·書博山道中壁

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