Mù Gōng 1494-1553

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In the Mufu, the rebuilt palace home of the Naxi Mu family kings of Lijiang, are some paintings of the kings. Under one of these, a painting of Mu Gong, is a note that he was, among other things a poet. But in Lijiang I could find no one who knew of his poems, not could I find any book of his poems. I did find a book on the Mu kings which has a few scattered poems. I emailed my friend professor Xu Yongming at Zhejiang Daxue and he kindly sent me a number of poems including this one by Mu Gong, My thanks to professor Xu Yongming!

木公 Mù Gōng




Rising From Sickbed 病起
River Village 江邨
Spring Outing Inspiration 春游即事

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