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1930, May 8 Gary Snyder born in San Francisco
1932 Moves to Washington State
1942 Moves to Portland, Oregon.
1951 Spring: Snyder graduates from Reed with BA in anthropology and
literature; Summer: Snyder works as timber scaler on Warm Springs Indian
Reservation, Oregon
1953-6 Snyder studies Oriental culture and languages at University of
California at Berkeley.
1956 Snyder goes to Japan for first time on scholarship from First Zen
Institute of America
1959-1968 Snyder lives off and on in Kyoto, Japan; studies under Zen master
Oda Sesso Roshi.
1971 Snyder builds his own house, 'Kitkitdizze’, in foothills of Sierra
Nevada, on the South Fork of the Yuba River, where he continues to live
1975 Snyder awarded Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for Turtle Island


Cold Mountain Poems
Mountains and Rivers Without End
Axe Handles
Myths & Texts
The Dimensions of a Haida Myth
A Range of Poems
TheBack Country
Earth House Hold
Regarding Wave
The Fudo Trilogy
Turtle Island
The Old Ways
The Real Work
Left Out in the Rain
Danger On Peaks

Laozi Says 老子說
Tea Drinkers 茶徒
Xuan Zang 玄奘

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