Yúnmén 864-949

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Founder of the Yumen branch of Chan Buddhism in the later years of the Tang Dynasty.

864 born in Jiaxing, between Shanghai and Hangzhou
As a teenager entered Kongwang Temple in Jiaxing
884 Toke monastic precepts and became monk in Changzhou, near Suzhou
889 traveled to meet famous monk Daozong (Master Muzhou) in Muzhou, seventy miles upriver from Hangzhou. (Longxingsi here??). Stayed several years.
903? Master Muzhou sent Yunmen to renowned Master Xuefeng for furter training at Xuefengsi on Elephant Bone Mountain in today's Fujian.
907? Went on long ten year pilgrimage before arriving at the 6th Patriarch Huineng's temple the Nanhuasi in Shaoguan, northern Guangdong Province. Practiced with Master Rumin of Lingshu in Shaoguan.
918 Master rumin died.
919 The emperor of the Southern Han Dynasty, Liu Yan, appointed the 55 year old Yunmen as abbot of the Lingshu Monastery.
923-928 Built new temple at the foot of Yunmenshan, 25 miles west of Shaoguan.
949 At age of 85 passed away at the Yunmensi.

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