Shǐ Kěfǎ 1601-1645

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One of China's most revered heros and Ming loyalists. At the end of the Ming Dynasty the Manchu forces besieged Yangzhou and Shi Kefa was charged with defending the city. The Manchu general ordered Shi Kefa to surrender. Shi Kefa replied, "I have an order from my emperor to defend Yangzhou. I don't recall receiving any order to surrender!" And he fought to the end and died a martyr. The Manchu forces then went on a rampage, similar to the Japanese in Nanjing several centuries later, and slaughtered and terrorized the citizens of Yangzhou for days on end.

Statue of Shi Kefa at the Shi Kefa Memorial Hall in Yangzhou, Jiangsu.

Improvised On Swallow Cliff 燕子磯口占

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