Lín Biāo 1907-1971

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Lin Biao 林彪 1909-1971. He joined the Communist Youth League at an early age and became a major Chinese Communist military leader. He battled Chiang Kai Shek's Republic of China troops in the northeastern China and led the victorious People's Liberation Army into Beijing in 1949. During the Cultural Revolution he rose to become second-in-charge to Mao Zedong, a very dangerous position to hold!

He was killed in a mysterious plane crash in September 1971 in Mongolia after what appeared to be a failed coup to oust Mao. Following his death he was condemned as a traitor, and is still recognized as one of the two major Counter-revolutionary parties during the Cultural Revolution, the other being Jiang Qing, Mao's last wife.

This photo has MountainSongs watermark because it was taken by Dongbo in Beijing in 1970 shotly before Lin Biao's death :) :).

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