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The Bailemen (Paramount) Dance Hall is one of Shanghai's oldest dance halls, built in 1932. It sits next to the Jingan Temple, just off Nanjing Road and still today functions as a dance hall, mostly ballroom dancing with professional partners, both male and female, for customers to dance with...for a charge of course!

Audio is the well known song Rose Rose I Love You, sung by Zhou Xuan. We are not sure about the provenence of this tune. In Chinese it is Meigui Meigui Wo Ai Ni, which translates Rose Rose I Love You. It seems this tune was composed in Shanghai by Chen Gexin in the late 1930's. The original lyrics are about a China experience, However, Fankie Lane sung and recorded the tune Rose, Rose I Love You, and seems to have owned the copywrite as writer. Frankie's lyrics are about a Malaysian love affair. Regardless, it was a very popular tune, both in China and America.

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