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Crouching at the foot of Taibai Mountain 20 kilometers southeast of Ningbo. Construction began during the Western Jin Dynasty (265-316). The Wangong Pool is in front of the temple and the Pipa Stone stands at the entrance. To the east is the tomb of Master Yi Xing, founder of the temple.

One of the Gozan Temples 五山寺, Five Mountain Temples
of Zhejiang 浙江 Province. This is the temple where the Japanese Monk Dogen 道元 1200-1253, studied and practised between 1224 to 1228. Dogen returned to Japan and founded the Soto Sect of Japanese Zen Buddhism.

The Gozan Temples 五山寺, Five Mountain Temples of Zhenjiang
Tiantongsi 天童寺 (Ningbo寧波)
Ayuwangsi 阿育王寺 (Ningbo寧波)
Jingci凈慈寺 (Hangzhou杭州)
Lingyinsi 靈隱寺 Hangzhou杭州)
Jingshansi徑山寺 (Tianmushan 天目山)

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