Qīxiánsì Lúshān

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棲賢寺 Qīxiánsì Monastery of Residing Worthy. Founded in 489 (7th year of the reign of 永明 Yong Ming in the 南齊 Nán Qí,Southern Qi.) 李渤 Lǐ Bó (773-831) once lived and studied there. It was one of the great monasteries on Lushan. All the streams of the southern mountains of Lushan converge here. Nearby is the 三峽橋 Three Gorges Bridge, also called 棲賢橋 Qīxiánqiáo, Residing Worthy Bridge or 觀音橋 Goddess of Mercy Bridge, built in Northern Song Dynasty in 1014. The names of the designing monks and builders are carved under the bridge.

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