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The 開先寺 Kaixiansi, Primal Origin Temple stood at the foot of the precipitous 青玉峽 Qīngyùxiá, Sapphire Gorge on the far southwest edge of Lushan. Today, sadly, the 開先寺 no longer exists,a legacy of the Cultural Revolution. In 1707 of the Qing dynasty the temple's name was changed to the 秀峰寺 Xiufengsi, Superb Peak Temple, and this name on a plaque, plus one small stupa is all that remains today.

But the natural scenery remains! And the sights Su Shi, and Li Bo before him viewed are unchanged. The south 香爐峰 Xianglufeng, Incense Burner Peak towers at the upper end of a narrow gorge and plunging from the cliffsides are two waterfalls, including the 馬尾瀑布 Mawei Pubu, Horse Tail Falls made famous by a poem by Li bo 李白.

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