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This old temple in downtown Chengdu is now a combination painting and antique market and tea house. Scrolls of paintings and calligraphy are everywhere hanging from the walls of the old temple buildings and from the walls off small shops built into the temple buildings. there is very little other then the buildings themselves to recall its glory as a large temple complex. The Buddhist paraphenalia,I am told, has been moved to the Wenshuyuan 文殊院.The Chengdu City Museam is located adjascent to the temple, but it is closed.

Su Shi visited here and was struck by the beauty of the paintings on the walls of the temple. Perhaps the fact that it is today an art market reflects the memory of his visit.

See Ronald Egan, 'Word, Image and Deed in Life of Su Shi', pgs. 150-152 and Beata Grant, Mount Lu Revisited, pgs. 86-90, which both refer to the Pavilion of Great Compassion in Chengdu. Must be the same site! And perhaps it was not paintings, but rather the image of Guanyin that struck Su Shi.

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