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121 The site of the 止止庵 Zhizhian, Tarry Here Hut, which nestles in this small valley at the foot of the imposing 大王峰 Dawang Peak. A breathtaking location, percolating with spiritual essense. The platforms of the former temple, a Buddhist sanctuary, rise one above the other as one enters the valley. At the rear of the topmost platform is a small cave prtected by a massive overhanging rock. The natural roof is ritually propped up by two one foot square stone columns, remains of the old temple.

In the cave rickety wooden chair and two stone column footings, the latter also from the former temple. On a side ledge stands a foot high beautifully smooth natural river stone from the nearby 九曲溪 Juquxi, or Nine Bends Stream. Wide at the base and tapered toward the top it is unmistakably a Guanyin image someone has placed here. Sit down on the grassy platform and breath in the beauty around you. 大王峰 Dawangfeng towers protectively above. The only sounds are the rustling of a single small bird and silent buzzing of a few dragonflys. Surely there is no more numinous place in Wuyishan!

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