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About one km downriver from the Yangpu Daqiao, on the Pudong side of the Huangpu River in Shanghai, is the site of the old Qingningsi. To reach this area from the Yangpu district on the west side of the river, one can take a ferry for a fare of 50 jiao. Debarking from the ferry, walk a hundred meters down the road. On your left is the Qingningsi Bus Station. On the right, down a narrow alley is the site of the old temple. Today nothing remains and a public bath house, a small lodging house, and other small one story houses crammed close together cover the old site. But the name lives on in the bus station's name.


The Qingningsi was first built in 1128 of the Northern Song Dynasty. It was one of the big four of Shanghai's large Buddhist Temples, the others being the Jingansi, Longhuasi and Yufosi. During the turmoil of the Taiping Rebellion it was destroyed. Thereafter it was rebuilt but on a much smaller scale. By 1950 it had disappeared and today is only the name of a neighborhood in Pudong.

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