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This is the site where Shiva performed his cosmic dance of life and death. It is one of the oldest Cholla Dynasty temples in Tamil Nadu and is a beauty! On the eastern gopuram are carved the 108 dance poses of Bharathanatyam, the classical dance of Tamil Nadu.

"She was full of plans. At five in the morning she'd start her practice and continue for three hours. she would have a separate long hall, long enough and wide enough for her to move in. It must have a heavy carpet, which would be neither too somoth under the feet or too rough, and which would not fold while she practiced her steps on it. At one corner she'd have a bronze figure of Nataraja, the god of dancers, the god whose primal dance created the vibrations that set the worlds in motion. She would have incense sticks burning." From The Guide by R. K.

"I learned while I taught, and earned while I learned." From The Guide by R. K. Narayan

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