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Sanqingge, Daoist Temple of the Three Pure Ones, is consists of twelve halls and pavilions built at nine levels together with a stone arch. In the Yuan Dynasty 1206-1368 it was the site of the summer villa of a Mongolian prince known as Liang. Later it was rebuilt into Linxuge or Temple of Soaring Skies which was later renamed Yuhuangge or Jade Emperor Temple. In the Ming Dynasty 1368---1644 it became Haiyasi, Temple of Distant Seashores. From the Temple a stone path looking like a tunnel winds its way up, ending at Datiange, Pavilion That Reaches Heaven. Known as Longmen Shidao, Dragon Gate Stone Path and consisting of nearly 1000 steps, it was hacked out of solid rock along a steep, almost vertical cliff during the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty.

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