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Situated on the bank of the Huong River, Perfume River, 5km from Hue city center. This is Hue's oldest temple.

The name Thien Mu, Heavenly Lady, relates to a legend; When the Lord Nguyen Hoang came to govern the Thuan Hoa area, there was an old lady with white hair, dressed in a red coat and green trousers, perched on the hill. She told him, 'There will be an enlightened ruler who will build a temple here in orser to gather the supernatural vapors rising from the land that will ensure the existence of this country forever.' Lord Nguyen Hoang, delighted to hear these auspicious words, built the Thien Mu temple here in 1601.

In a side building on the temple grounds, lies the rusted old Austin sedan that the Most Venerable Thich Quang Duc rode to the intersection of Phan Dinh Phung and Le Von Duyet Streets in Saigon on June 11, 1963. He stepped from the car, sat on the pavement in the lotus position, doused himself with gasoline and burnt himself to death in protest to the treatment of Buddhists and Buddhism by the Catholic premier Ngo Dinh Diem. He was the first of a number of monks to protest in this painful manner.

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