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Paula Varsano is Associate Professor of Chinese literature at the Berkeley campus of University of California. She received her B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature in 1980 from Yale College and her Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1988. Professor Varsano specializes in classical poetry and poetics from the third through the eleventh centuries, with particular interest in literature and subjectivity, the evolution of spatial representation in poetry, the history and poetics of traditional literary criticism, and the theory and practice of translation.

She is the author of Tracking the Banished Immortal: The Poetry of Li Bo and its Critical Reception (Hawaii, 2003), and is currently at work on a book tentatively titled Coming to Our Senses: Locating the Subject in Traditional Chinese Literary Writing.

Ancient Air #1 古風
Ancient Air #33 古風
Ancient Air #38 古風
Ancient Air #40 古風
Ancient Air #42 古風
Ancient Air #5 太白何蒼蒼
Ancient Air #52 古風
Ancient Air #7 古風
Ascending The Mountain On Double Nine 九日登山
At Jinxiang, Sending Off Wei the Eighth to the Western Capital 金鄉送韋八之西京
At The Xie Tiao Pavillion in Xuanzhou, Taking Leave 宣州謝朓樓餞別校書叔雲
Climbing High 古風 (登高)
Drinking Alone 獨 酌
Dulu River 獨漉篇
In Response To Tongtang Tune By Censor Lu 和盧侍御通塘曲
Infinite Longing 長相思
Looking Toward Heaven's Gate 望天門山
Mounting Lotus Blossom Mountain 西上蓮花山
On The Ninth (1) 九 日 (1)
Qingping Melody In Three Parts (No.1) 清平調三首
The Pavillion Of Master Xie 謝公亭
Twenty Rhymes Sent To Li The 12th 寄李十二白二十韻
Yonɡhuɑi #15 詠懷
Yonɡhuɑi #79 詠懷